This is more for me to keep things straight than anything else: last time I wrote a novel, Albert kept metamorphosing into Alfred and back again, which wasn’t helpful.

Reading this might give you insights into the plot, or spoil it. Mentions of people on this list may suggest significance, and omission may also do so, but don’t read too much into this. You might just find it’s a list of people in order of appearance.

Andrew Lam, police inspector
Constable Yeung, Tai O branch
Sui-Ming Wong, dead in Tai O
Sammy Chan, forensic technician
Grace Lam, daughter of Andrew Lam
Alfie Bruton-Jones
Cui Shunzhang, magician
Anthony Lee, police inspector
Chrissy Lee, wife of Anthony Lee
Alfred Lee, son of Anthony and Chrissy
Esther Bruton-Jones, sister of Alfie

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